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The Australian Family Association is a front group for the ultra-socially-conservative National Civic Council. It was founded in 1980 by B.A. Santamaria, and acts as a lobby group for conservative social values.

While the AFA has claimed that it "represents the interests of the majority of Australian families", in fact its membership has been estimated at less than 3,000.[1]


Santamaria described his founding of the AFA:

"You had to develop different organisations. If there was a family problem, and the family became a critical part of the whole of the problem, you ... we've had to develop a thing called the Australian Family Association . . . You can best envisage it as a wheel. The hub in the centre was the Movement, the NCC, the spokes were the Family Association, the Thomas Moore thing and so on, and the rim of the wheel was that part of public opinion that you could influence."[2]



Contact Details

  • National Office:
  • 582 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, Vic, 3051
  • Ph: (03) 9326 5757
  • Fax: (03) 9328 2877
  • Email: austfamily AT
  • Web:

Articles and Resources


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  2. Robin Hughes, "Bob Santamaria", Australian Biography, April 24, 1997.

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