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The Australian Federation of Employers (AFE) was formed in 1986 and "brought together leading neo-liberal activists and militant capitalists from the small business and farming sectors. The National Farmers Federation was one of its major financial supporters" (Cahill, 2004: 171).

"At the meetings of business representatives in February 1986 where the initial proposal for the establishment of the AFE was put, the role of the body was suggested as being for the "Preservation and development of the Private Enterprise ethic in Australia." Delegates at this meeting were informed that: "Australians need to be reminded that as Private Enterprise and Democracy go hand in hand, so too does Socialism and Servitude"." (Cahill, 2004: 171)

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  • Damien C. Cahill, "The radical neo-liberal movement as a hegemonic force in Australia, 1976-1996", University of Wollongong, PhD Thesis, 2004. (Available online from all Australian Universities)