Australian Industrial Relations reforms

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In November 2005 the Australian Government introduced draft legislation aimed at making sweeping changes to amend the existing industrial relations legislations to weaken minimum employee entitlements and the ability of unions to recruit, organise and represent members. The government has launched its changes under the name "Work Choices."

The Coalition Government has spent over $A50 millions dollars on advertising the changes, which various worker's unions, notably the ACTU claim are non-worker friendly. The ACTU are running a campaign, called "Your Rights At Work", opposing the proposed changes.

How the advertising money is being spent

"Many of the lucrative contracts for the publicity blitz went to companies that run the Liberal Party's election campaigns, sparking Labor accusations the Government is channelling public money to its mates." Misha Schubert "IR ads bill hits $55m", Sydney Morning Herald, November 1 2005

A company called Salmat was awarded an $800,000 contract to distribute brochures promoting the proposed changes. [1] The Labor Party's Kelvin Thomson has questioned the decision to award the contract to a Liberal Party donor: "Australian Electoral Commission information reveals that Salmat Limited and one of its directors donated almost $120,000 to the Liberal Party during the latest disclosure period", he said. [2] Salmat is a publicly listed Australian company.

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