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Aviation Worldwide Services LLC (AWS) is a sister company to Presidential Airways, Inc., both of which are owned by Blackwater USA, Melbourne, FL. AWS owns the planes, and Presidential Airways operates them.[1]

The company appears to provide air services to the CIA - flight records show that its N964BW has made at least two trips to the agency's Camp Peary training facility,[2], N963BW went there in March and April 2009[3] and N962BW went there in May 2006.[4] Another plane it owns, N968BW, flew from Washington Dulles International Airport to Camp Peary on March 13, 2007. [5]

In October 2005, the Washington Post reported that AWS is a defendant in a wrongful death suit in the U.S. District Court in Florida, brought by the families of the three soldiers killed when the company's N960BW (Blackwater 63) crashed in Afghanistan. The co-defendants are Presidential Airways Inc., STI Aviation Inc. and Air Quest Inc. The suit alleges negligence.[6][1]

Planes Registered to AWS

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The planes:
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AWS is the registered owner of the following planes (this is an incomplete list):

Contact details

1371 General Aviation Drive,
Melbourne, Brevard County,
Florida 32935-6310, United States

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