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Aviva Corporation is an energy company which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and the Botswana Stock Exchange. The company has proposed a new 400 meagwatt coal-fired power station in Western Australia and is seeking to explore and develop the Mmamantswe Coal Project in Botswana.

Proposed Coal Fired Power Station in Western Australia

Aviva Corporation has proposed to build the Coolimba Power Station, a 400 megawatt coal-fired plant near Eneabba in Western Australia. It has a scheduled commissioning date of 2012.[1] The company describes this project as its "most advanced asset".[2] The company states that it "hopes to commence construction work on the project in 2009, which will extend over three years for completion in 2012."[3]

The company proposed that coal from the proposed Central West Coal Project would supply the mine. However, in February 2011 the Western Australian Environmental Protection Agency announced that the proposed coal mine "cannot meet the EPA’s environmental objectives." recommended that the Minister for Environment not approve the project.[4]

Botswana Aspirations

In June 2007 Aviva Corporation entered into a heads of agreement with Mawana Minerals (Pty) Ltd of Botswana to form a joint venture over the Mmamantswe Coal Project. On its website the company states that it will "spend $US0.5M over 18 months upon which Mawana will grant it an exclusive right to earn a 90% Joint Venture interest in the project by undertaking a Bankable Feasibility Study." The coal deposit has not been explored since 1983 but the company states that the earlier exploration indicated three coal seams between 30 and 110 metres deep.[5]

Despite limited information on the actual coal deposit, in June 2008 Aviva optimistically submitted an expression of interest to provide "1,000MW of baseload power production" to Eskom, the South African government-owned electricity utility, between 2012 and 2017.[6]

The company has flagged that it's "team of energy experts" charged with developing the Coolimba Power Station project would also help "advance the Mmamantswe Project".[5]

Contact Details

Suite 4, Level 3, South Shore Centre
83-85 The Esplanade
South Perth, Western Australia, 6151

PO Box 859, South Perth, WA, 6951

Phone: +61 8 9367 2344
Fax: +61 8 9367 2355
Website: http://www.avivacorp.com.au/

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