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Sheikh Ayman Zawahiri (born in 1951[1] or 1952[2]) is the deputy head of Al Qaeda.

Islamic influences

Ayman Zawahiri's paternal grand father was the Al-Azhar's Grand Imam.[2] Another source indicates that his father's uncle, not grandfather, was the grand imam for Cairo's al-Azhar University.[3] The grandfather used to play with him when he was young and strongly influenced him. Many others influenced the jihadi outlook of Ayman Zawahiri like Sayyid Qutb. [2]

Zawahiri later became a member of the Islamic Medical Association after studying medicine[2].

Jihadi movement

Zawahiri was became a member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. After that he was jailed and later released.

He later became an associate of Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman, Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Azzam and Sheikh Osama bin Laden.

Zawahiri supports the establishment of an Islamic caliphate and Islamic unity.[4][5]



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