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Ayr Aviation is an air transport company focusing on travel and support in hostile, unstable or disaster-stricken regions.


Founded in 2001, Ayr has a wide range of helicopters and transport airplanes with a record of operations in Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Haiti, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sudan. Parent company, the Ayr Group was founded in 1993.

Ayr was inducted into the United Nations Global Compact in 2006. The organization represents 3,300 international businesses with a corporate citizenship initiative. [1]

Ayr has provided services to the African Union Mission in Sudan through a contract with Pacific Architects and Engineers under the State Department. They also provide services to NGOs active in humanitarian relief efforts, [2][3] and heavy transport for construction firms. [4]

Ayr is a member of the International Peace Operations Association.



AYR Group
100 Pall Mall
St. James’s
London SW1Y 5HP
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 207 664 8727
Fax: +44 207 664 8728
Email: info AT ayrgroup DOT co DOT uk