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BIOTICA Ecological Society has been registered as a national NGO in Moldova since 2 April 1993. Their website notes that BIOTICA has three main areas of activity:

  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Development of third sector
  • Environmental Law and Policy [1]

For a list of their partners click here (one of many is the US-based Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide).


Their website notes that since their formation "dozens of projects were successfully implemented mainly with the support of foreign and international funds." [2]

"In 2003, the BIOTICA Ecological Society received NED funding to ensure the expansion and long-term survival of the nascent civic sector in Transdniestria by establishing five NGO resource centers in the breakaway region." [3]

See NED funded conference

Donors listed on their website include:




External links

  • About us, BIOTICA Ecological Society, Accessed July 2006.