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Barry W. McCahill is the president of Sport Utility Vehicle Owners of America and McCahill Communications. He's also the executive director of and spokesman for the Americans for Responsible Acohol Access.[1]

McCahill was educated at George Mason College of the University of Virginia, served in the Army during the Vietnam era, and was a spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration until 1996. He has also worked as public relations counsel and spokesman for the marine industry's National Clean Boating Campaign and as a public relations adviser to the school bus industry.[2]

The Washington, D.C.-based ARAA, a coalition of industry associations and anti-alcohol groups, was established in 1997 to prevent the illegal direct shipment of alcohol beverages, in response to growing concern about how the Internet and toll-free phone numbers could make it easier for teenagers to buy beer, wine and liquor. The group is backed by industry associations, including Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America, though its members also include medical associations, traffic safety organization and alcohol-abuse prevention groups. However, a prominent supporter, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, withdrew its involvement in 1999.

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