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Bartholomew Mongoven is the son of Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin (MBD) PR company co-founder Jack Mongoven. Bartholomew (Bart) Mongoven is known to have been an associate at MBD.

Affiliated with the Washington DC offices of Stratfor, also known as Strategic Forecasting Inc.


In 1995 Bart Mongoven sent a survey form out to a range of non-government organisations around the world requesting their assistance in providing internal information on their organisation. Download a copy of the survey here

Following a presentation to the 2004 National Petrochemical & Refiners Association Annual Meeting one report described Bart Mongoven's role as monitoring "non-governmental lobbying efforts for Stratfor, a private intelligence firm that consults with industry and government agencies." [1]

His presentation was part of a panel presenting one the strategic handling of environmental litigation. [2] While there are no copies of his presentation publicly available, trade association magazines reported he warned that environmentalists were seeking to form alliances with patient advocacy groups on the issues of industrial emissions. "In five years the environmental community would like to see all debates (be about) the environment and health. Right now, the environmental community doesn't have the credibility with the (American) public like it does in the Netherlands and Germany," he was reported stating.

According to the report Mongoven suggested that one option for industry in trying to defeat the emerging alliance was to portray the new lobbying initiatives as "anti-chemical" rather than supporting a public health goal. [3]

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