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From the Fikra Forum profile:

Basem Fathy is the Projects Director at the Egyptian Democratic Academy and the Executive Editor-in-Chief for Internet Radio. A democracy and human rights activist and blogger, Basem is also the cofounder of the April 6th Youth Movement, Souty Matlaby (My Vote, My Right) Campaign, Egyptians for Free and Fair Elections Movement, and the Independent Campaign for Supporting ElBaradei for Presidential Candidacy. Additionally, Basem is a member of the World Youth Movement for Democracy and the head of the Political and Civil Rights Committee for the New Generation Forum, an Egyptian civil society organization.
He translates for the Arabic version of POMED’S Weekly Wire and has assisted in training sessions for the Egyptian Democratic Academy, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Copts United, the General Secretariat of Catholic Schools, Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, and One World Foundation.
Basem has been detained multiple times by the government of Egypt—in July 2008, following a march in honor of the April 6th Youth Movement; in November 2008, in the aftermath of El Ghad; and in January 2010, while paying his respects with fellow activists to the victims of the Christmas day massacre.
He has a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Entomology from Cairo University, Egypt, where he also studied Mass Communication.[1]

"Early in the morning, Basem Fathy of Egyptian Democratic Academy checks his cell phone for text messages at the NED funded headquarters for , a website that helps aggrigate and visualize reports of fraud and abuse across the Egypt." [2]


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