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Beckett Brown International (BBI) was a private security firm that operated from headquarters in Easton, Maryland. It first began operations in August 1995, and closed in 2001. The firm's name was changed to "S2i" in 2000. [1]


In April 2008, Mother Jones magazine reported that BBI undertook: [1]


BBI was founded by Richard Beckett, who ran a "local executive recruiting and consulting business" with funding from John C. Dodd III. Dodd told Mother Jones magazine that shortly after their initial meeting, Beckett introduced him to Paul Rakowski, "a recently retired Secret Service agent" and later on to another Secret Service agent, Joseph A. Masonis and George Ferris, a "former naval special operations officer and an expert in demolitions."[1]

Mother Jones reported that when the firm was launched in August 1995 Ferris, Rakowski and Masonis were "officials in the firm".[1] (Rakowski's current occupation is unknown while Masonis currently works at Annapolis Group).[1]

Other personnel, including staff, consultants and investors (and affiliations as of April 2008): [1]

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