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Benson and Hedges (Benson & Hedges (elite cigarettes, 1948)): A small, elite cigarette company in NY, NY in 1948.


Benson and Hedges was a small elite cigarette company with its office and shop in New York, NY in 1948 (L. White, Merchants 1988). Benson and Hedges manufactured Virginia Rounds cigarettes and Parliament cigarettes (post-WW II) (L. White, Merchants 1988). Virginia Slims cigarettes were originally called Virginia Rounds. Virginia Rounds were originally manufactured (post-WW II) by Benson & Hedges company, which was later bought out by Philip Morris (L. White, Merchants 1988). The original filters on Virginia Rounds (post-WW II) were made of cardboard with a small wad of cotton (L. White, Merchants 1988).

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