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Bernard Aronson "is a founder and Managing Partner of ACON Investments L.L.C., a diversified private equity and venture capital investment company based in Washington, D.C that invests in the United States, Europe, and Latin America from 1996 to the present.

"Mr. Aronson also served as International Advisor to Goldman Sachs & Co. from 1993 to 1996; Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs from 1989 to 1993; President of The Policy Project, a Washington-based consulting firm, 1984 to 1988; Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States, Executive Speechwriter to the President, and Special Assistant and Speechwriter to the Vice President, 1977 to 1981; and Assistant to the President, United Mineworkers of America International Union from 1972 to 1976. On June 30, 1993, he received the Distinguished Service Award, the State Department's highest honor.

"Mr. Aronson currently serves on the Board of Directors of: Liz Claiborne, Inc; Hyatt International, Inc., Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Inc; Mariner Energy Inc.; the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the Center for Global Development, and Freedom House. He also serves on the Council on Foreign Relations and is Co-Chair of the Council's Task Force on U.S.-Cuban Relations in the 21st Century. Mr. Aronson is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution.

"Mr. Aronson has published in: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and The New Republic." [1]

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