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Biographical Information

"Bernard Berelson, PhD, was a professor at the University of Chicago and director of the Ford Foundation’s Behavioral Sciences Program. In 1962 he moved on to the Population Council, where he became president in 1968. At the Pop Council, he initially worked on communication research, and one of his innovations was an audiovisual kit for delivering family planning messages to nonliterate communities. Dr. Berelson was the originator of the first periodical to disseminate results of family planning studies to the international community; the prime force in organizing an international conference on family planning programs; and the creator of a cooperative international postpartum hospital program to provide family planning information and services. He was a scholar who combined research and academic careers with the pursuit of practical solutions to family planning concerns." [1]

"Bernard Bereleson was a specialist in communication and public opinion... At Chicago he became dean of the Graduate Library School and chairman of the committee on Communications in 1947. He served at the Ford Foundation from 1951 until 1957 when he returned to Chicago for two years while preparing this book under a grant from the Carnegie Corporation. He next went to Columbia University as director of the Bureau of Applied Social Research and then moved to the directorship of the communication research program and ultimately the presidency of the Population Council (1968-1974).” [2] wiki

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