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Bev Harris is an investigative journalist focusing on electronic voting technologies which she considers to be vulnerable error and misuse without being subject to strict election audit procedures.

Activism on voting issues

Her expose of the McCarthy Group, Diebold Election Systems, ES&S, I-Mark, Chuck Hagel, Michael McCarthy (Hagel's campaign finance manager), Bob Urosevich is published in her book Black Box Voting. It establishes clear Republican Party links to all major providers of these technologies. The expose raises questions about the use of this technology in the U.S. midterm election, 2002.

Harris runs the e-voting activism site Following a falling out with her publisher, David Allen, this is separate from his activism site, [1].

Harris ran a PR company, Talion. However the website is no longer active. She has apparently decided to focus strictly on the electoral fraud issues that are inherent in voting machines, especially the Diebold Accuvote system which she has criticized deeply for

Bev Harris and her team at have filed the largest number of FOIAs - Freedom of Information Act requests - in history. She is asking 3,000 counties for the internal audit logs of their voting machines, which are public records, as well as for other key data. See the Diebold Election Systems electoral fraud, 2004 article for updates and the county-by-county issues in their own articles notably Cuyahoga County, OH, US and Franklin County, OH, US.


Contact details

Bev Harris
330 SW 43rd St
PMB K-547
Renton, Washington 98055 USA
Phone 425-228-7131
Fax: 425-228-3965

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