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Bill Jordan is the founder of the Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund.

"Dr Jordan, graduated from Edinburgh University and the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College, and was selected to become house surgeon. He then moved to Liverpool University where he was a lecturer for three years before starting his own practice outside Chester. At this time he was also appointed consultant veterinarian to Chester Zoo.

"In 1964 he was appointed consultant veterinary clinician to the Government of Iran, travelling widely there, assisting the university, the veterinary service and the wildlife department for six years. He was also appointed vet to the Shah of Iran.

"He then moved to South Africa where he was a lecturer at Pretoria University for three years.

"On returning to Britain, Bill accepted the post of deputy vet to the RSPCA and later founded their wildlife department. Eight years later he resigned from the RSPCA and worked as a consultant in wildlife protection. He has written a number of books and many articles about wildlife and the problems they face at the hands of man, and has frequently appeared on television and radio broadcasts.

"Bill founded the Care for the Wild organization, taking the name from one of his earliest books as an author. The book details how to care for sick and injured wildlife, and has recently been updated. In recent years, he has lost faith in the Care for the Wild International organization and has left them in order to found Bill Jordan Wildlife Defence Fund, in order to continue to work to oppose all forms of cruelty to wildlife.

"Bill Jordan Wildlife Defence Fund USA was founded in 1984 as Care for the Wild USA by Dr Bill Jordan. It is now the US-based arm of BJWDF , run by Dr Bill Jordan's daughter, Sheena Bliss. The dedicated team there work closely with BJWDF in England to provide immediate aid to wildlife in distress anywhere in the world." [1]

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