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"The Biodynamic Land Fund is a part of the Cultural Freedom Trust, a registered charity (No. 281954). The Fund is raising capital to purchase land for biodynamic farming, in order to heighten public awareness of its methodology and provide suitable centres of training. " [1]

"Ideas for new forms of farm land ownership have been percolating away in this country for many years. The two biodynamic farms in Forest Row, Sussex are an example of current thinking: the farmland is owned by a charity (St. Anthony's Trust) and leased to the farm businesses which are wholly owned by a cooperative (The Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Community Farm Ltd). The cooperative is an Industrial and Provident Society, a legal form that enables the community of farmers, gardeners and consumers to engage together in the owning and running of the farm business. The task of the charity is to protect the farmland so that it may always continue to be run biodynamically. " [2]

'I like to use biodynamic produce in my restaurants but high demand makes it difficult to source. More biodynamic farms and gardens are urgently needed and I like the idea of protecting them in a Trust. That's why I think the Biodynamic Land Fund is such a good idea.' - Antony Worrell Thompson [3]



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