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Programs to Combat Bioterrorism

Dr. Tara O'Toole, Dr. Thomas V. Inglesby and Dr. D.A. Henderson have "accepted an offer to launch and direct the new Center for Biosecurity of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), effective November 1, 2003.

"The new Center for Biosecurity will allow tremendous opportunities to expand the analysis and strategy initiatives that Drs. O’Toole, Inglesby and Henderson have undertaken in the past 5 years and to couple them with the development of medical and public health operational systems that we believe are crucial for biopreparedness. The forward-looking leadership of UPMC has established a generous endowment for the new Center, and Drs. O’Toole, Inglesby and Henderson eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute to the biopreparedness programs already underway at UPMC.

"The new Center for Biosecurity will be headquartered in Baltimore and have offices in Pittsburgh and Washington DC."


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  • Julian Borger, Pentagon offers 'bioterror kit' online, Guardian UK, October 8, 2003: "The Pentagon has been selling surplus laboratory equipment that could be used to make biological or chemical weapons, according to a congressional investigation released yesterday. ... The news is particularly embarrassing, coming only days after the CIA-led Iraq Survey Group claimed the discovery of similar equipment in Iraq was evidence that the Saddam Hussein regime had a covert weapons programme."
  • Protecting Bethesda, Op-Ed, Washington Post, October 20, 2003.
  • Preparing for a killer, October 22, 2003: "Variola or smallpox, one of the world's oldest public health scourges, was officially wiped out in 1979, so an international conference on a possible new variola epidemic would seem somewhat overblown. Not in these days of potential bioterrorism, however. At a two-day meeting in Geneva on 'Smallpox and Biosecurity', virologists and security experts from the World Health Organization, NATO, the US, the European Union, and Asian countries have discussed coordinating strategies of prevention and epidemic containment, just in case."
  • Paul Elias, Vaccine-Evading Mousepox Virus Created, AP, October 31, 2003: "A research team backed by a federal grant has created a genetically engineered mousepox virus designed to evade vaccines, highlighting the deadly potential of biotechnology and bioterrorism."
  • 21 November 2003: "Bioterror Concerns Raised at Universities" by John Heilprin, AP: "Materials that could be used for bioterrorism often are kept in insecure areas and aren't well-monitored by university research labs funded by the Agriculture Department, federal inspectors say."