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Bob Day was the long-time secretary of the HR Nicholls Society and a founder of Independent Contractors of Australia (ICA) - a front group campaigning for labour market deregulation in Australia.

Accroding to John Stone of the HR Nicholls Society, "one of the most active members of that Association (ICA), Mr Bob Day, has been a member of the (HR Nicholls) Society's Board of Management almost from the outset. I do not think he will contradict me if I say that he has taken the ethos of the Society into the work of the Association." [1]

Day is Managing Director of Home Australia Pty Ltd, an Australian building company, national president of the Housing Industry Association and chairman of The Great Australian Dream Project, a joint HIA project with the Institute of Public Affairs, a Melbourne-based neoliberal think tank. [1]

Home Australia, now also owns Collier Homes in Western Australia, Newstart Homes in Queensland, Ashford Homes in Victoria and Huxley Homes in New South Wales.

Day is also a board member of the Centre for Independent Studies - a right wing Australian think tank.

In 2007, he ran unsuccessfully for the South Australian federal seat of Makin, as the Liberal Party candidate.


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