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Since June 1998 Rensberger has been the director of the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This is a program that brings working science journalists to the campus for periods of one week or one academic year to study science.

Rensberger was a science reporter at the Detroit Free Press from 1966 into 1971, The New York Times from 1971 into 1979, and The Washington Post from 1984 into 1998. At other times he was senior editor of Science 80, a popular monthly and head writer of "3-2-1 Contact!," a PBS series on science for children. Rensberger has written four books, The Cult of the Wild (Anchor Press, 1977), How the World Works: A guide to science's greatest discoveries (William Morrow, 1986), Instant Biology (Ballantine, 1996) and Life Itself: Exploring the realm of the living cell (Oxford University Press, 1997).

Rensberger, who has won several science writing awards, has spoken at many gatherings of scientists and journalists over the years.

Rensberger spoke on a panel at a May 1993 conference - 'Scientific Integrity in the Public Policy Process' - organised by S. Fred Singer's Science and Environmental Policy Project and the International Institute of the George Mason University. Rensberger appeared in his capacity as a science reporter with the Washington Post but was in no way allied with Fred Singer or SEPP. In fact, Rensberger has said that he disagrees with Singer's opinion on climate change.

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