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Boycott Watch (BW) was founded by Fred Taub, the organization's president, who also created Divestment Watch. [1]

Boycott Watch is a consumer advocacy organization and "an independent service that monitors boycott calls for accuracy and honesty," its website states. It does not "perform product comparisons or perform any product evaluations" and says that its job is "to make sure consumers are not tricked into believing lies."

Boycott Watch says that, through its consulting services, it works "with companies to help prevent boycotts before they happen", that its "investigations are independent and accurate", and that it does "bend for convenience."

No other information about BW is provided on its website.

Domain Name

According to WHOIS, the BOYCOTTWATCH.COM domain name was registered March 1, 2002, to Fred Taub (namereg AT, who is both the registrant and technical contact, at 13938A Cedar Rd Ste 253, Cleveland OH 44118-3204, Phone: 216 292-9355, Fax: 216 321-2755. Domain servers are NS1.OATL.NET (IP and NS2.OATL.NET (IP

BOYCOTTWATCH.ORG shares the same registration information.

Note that OATL.NET is the main URL for Online Access and Technology for Lawyers (OATL), the property of Taub's Resource Team, Inc.

Contact Information

Websites: and
Email: BoycottWatch AT and query AT

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