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Brenda Gayle Plummer "is a historian whose research includes race and gender, international relations, and civil rights. Her work ranges from essays on Haitian-American relations to studies of Afro-Americans, race, and foreign affairs. Plummer has taught Afro-American history throughout her twenty years experience in higher education. Plummer has taught at historically black Fisk University, the University of California Santa Barbara, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Wisconsin.

"Plummer's publications include articles and reviews that have appeared in such journals as Phylon, International History Review, TransAfrica Forum, Latin American Research Review, and Diplomatic History, American Historical Review, and the Journal of American History. She has contributed to a number of collections and reference works. Plummer is also the author of three books of original scholarship and the recipient of book prizes in Afro-American history and diplomatic history respectively from the American Historical Association, and the Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations." [1]

Her forthcoming book is America's Dilemma: Race, Civil Rights, and Foreign Affairs (University of North Carolina Press).


  • Haiti and the Great Powers, 1902-1915, 1988
  • Haiti: The Psychological Moment [Haiti and the United States], 1992
  • Rising Wind: Black Americans and U. S. Foreign Affairs, 1935-1960, 1996

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