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"When the author was eighteen months old he contracted what was believed at the time to be a terminal illness; since that near death experience, he has possessed the ability to astrally project. During an out of body experience which occurred in 1971, he encountered five highly spiritually evolved non physical beings who informed him that he must write a revisionist history of the world. The purpose of the book was to take the readers out of their comfort zones, by presenting them with the truth regarding such diverse subjects as the true location of Atlantis, the duplicitous acts of the Illuminati, and the fundamentals of free energy technology. It was hoped that such a book would generate a word-of-mouth pandemic among the global populace in order to finally collapse the Illuminati House of Cards thus permitting humanity to create a better world which emphasizes love, not hate.

"It was not until later that the author learned that the non physical entities that he had encountered were associated with a non physical directorate who were the overlords of a group of terrestrial mystics known through the centuries as the Khwajagan. It is the role of the Khwajagan to intercede in the political affairs of the world periodically, in an attempt to elevate the level of human spirituality.

"These non physical entities stressed that the author should conduct an in depth study of the research of Nikola Tesla and Dr. Wilhelm Reich. The author felt that this would be a daunting task since the published works of Reich had been publicly burned in 1956 by order of a corrupt judge. Reich's books were not republished until the late 1970's. To make matters worse, in order to protect his financial interests the wily Tesla sometimes included obfuscation as an element of his energy patents, thereby rendering them difficult to comprehend.

"Shortly after his meeting with the five non physical beings, the author had a "chance" encounter with a pediatrician who had been one of Reich's research associates at the time when Federal goons arrested Dr. Reich and destroyed his laboratory equipment with axes. He provided the author with access to a copy of Reich's research notes which enabled him to acquire a knowledge of weather engineering and orgonotic science.

"At that time period the author was a member of a small spiritual healing group. Upon concluding a healing session with an elderly female metallurgist who was dying from heavy metal poisoning, she asked him whether he had heard of Nikola Tesla. Upon answering in the affirmative, the lady smiled and took him to her laboratory which adjoined her house. There, on a workbench lay a very old free energy unit. She explained that after Lewis Cass Payseur had instructed his financial lackey J.P. Morgan to cancel Tesla's funding, the inventive genius quietly rented laboratory space in Portland, Oregon where he invented his so-called "death ray," which purportedly would have the capacity of flash-freezing the inhabitants of a distant city if the device were to be tuned to a quarter wavelength of the distance between the target city and the device.

"One day, continued the lady, Tesla felt a tug on his coat sleeve. Looking down he saw the landlord's twelve year old son, who said: "Mr Tesla, will you teach me all you know?" Tesla was so impressed that the boy became one of Tesla's enthusiastic proteges, and later married the lady the author had just met. The lady then provided the author with some of her late husband's research notes on free energy and anti-gravitic technology. In this manner, many doors were opened thus enabling the author to acquire meaningful data for his two books.

"During the three decades it took to research and write his books, the author became involved with exorcism where he experienced encounters with hostile reptoids from the lower astral realms of existence. This was a period where he met people deemed by psychiatrists to be delusional but were, in actuality, victims of mind control. Some of these survivors of insidious mind control projects were members of satanic cults, others were trained to be military assassins, while others were trained from infancy by the notorious "Angel of Death" Josef Mengele, for their roles as very high level Illuminati slaves. Serving in a support capacity for these hapless mind control survivors gradually enabled the author to access the innermost secrets of the Illuminati, some of which are revealed in his first book entitled " They Cast no Shadows ," which derives its title from a line in a poem recited at high level Illuminati human sacrificial rituals.

"After collecting research material for a while, it became self evident to the author that there simply is too much informational data to fit into a single volume. Much of what passes for world history is actually a compilation of misinformation written for the purpose of justifying the acts of war perpetrated by the winning side. The author's first book accordingly was written for the purpose of presenting historical and also religious truths for the enlightenment of future generations so that they may perceive the covert influence of the Illuminati, which governs so many activities of humankind, In order to create a paradise on Earth, it is necessary for the global populace to have unrestricted access to abundant water and food, in addition to inexpensive energy sources not derived from fossil fuels. In this, the author's second book, all the requisite technology necessary for the creation of such an earthly paradise is presented.

"Due to the extremely complex and varied nature of the research data, it has taken the author thirty two years to compile the historical data, construct expensive experimental free energy hardware and write his two books. In order to succeed in his assigned task the author has been obligated to allow the researching and writing of his books to take precedence over all other matters in his life, something those involved in his life probably will never understand. During these years he has refrained from becoming a member of any political party or becoming a member of any cultural or social group, in an attempt to present his data in as unbiased a manner as possible. On several occasions he nearly abandoned his project due to financial and other difficulties, but was always encouraged by the non physical directorate during his out of body experiences to continue. As one door closed, another always seemed to open, just as obstacles were appearing to be insurmountable.

"Now that the author has only a few more lines of this book to write, was the stress, libel, slander and ridicule which appears to come with the territory when one writes a book of this genre, really worth the thirty two years devoted to this effort? Probably not, for it appears to be a peculiar idiosyncrasy of humanity that the do-nothing apathetic masses appear to take a vicarious pleasure in heaping scorn upon those few who attempt to make this a better world. If however, long after the author has departed this earthly realm, someone blows the dust off the cover of a copy of this book and applies the precepts contained therein to create a flourishing self sustaining cooperative, replete with its own free energy system and reforestation project, then the author's incarnation will have been worthwhile."[1]


  • A Blueprint for a Better World
  • They Cast No Shadows (2002; Writers Club Press/

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