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Brian Gerrish is a prominent figure in the British Constitution Group and the Lawful Rebellion movement. Gerrish is active on the seminar circuit and routinely gives talks at BCG meetings. Gerrish is mainly known for his paranoia regarding the organisation Common Purpose with his website Common Purpose exposed and for his newspaper the UK Column. Gerrish particularly dislikes communists, Marxists, the Fabian society and Neurolinguistic programming. Gerrish is also an independent parliamentary candidate for Plymouth. Prior to becoming a woo purveyor Gerrish was a British naval officer. Gerrish claims that various change agents as he calls them such as Common Purpose, Bilderberg, the think tank Demos, various other think tanks and pressure groups are attempting to subvert democracy and shape government policy by influencing the third sector (which he seems to confuse with the public sector). As part of the Lawful Rebellion movement he's not a fan of the judiciary, claiming they are all bent criminals who find in favour of paedophiles on a regular basis. Gerrish was also present when the BCG attempted to arrest a judge in Birkenhead. rational wiki


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