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The British League of Rights is an offshoot of the Australian League of Rights founded in 1971. It is "anti-semitic and white supremacist" political group. The British League opposed the entry of the UK into the European Economic Community. In the early 1970s it came under the direction of Don Martin, a former member of the Australian Young Liberals, who has run it ever since. Under Martin's direction the British League increased its membership. Conservative Monday Club member Lady Jane Birdwood was General Secretary. By 1974, the British League of Rights became the British chapter of the World Anti-Communist League, replacing Geoffrey Stewart-Smith's Foreign Affairs Circle, which claimed to have left due to the Anti-Communist League's alleged

In 2003 Derek Wall explained in his article "Social Credit: The Ecosocialism of Fools" that: “The British League of Rights established Bloomfield Books, which has promoted Douglas's books along with Holocaust revisionist titles, the Protocols, a massive range of populist conspiracy texts… The League of Rights also encourages supporters to subscribe to Spotlight. The Bromsgrove Group, an alliance of varied monetary reformers, contains the Christian Ecology Group, Green Party Economics Working Group, as well as right wingers such as Don Martin from the League of Rights and Alistair McConnachie. James Gibb Stuart acts as convener. His book The Lemming Folk is a conspiracist's bible, which promotes once again the populist message that the "money power" links capitalism and communism with its plan for world domination.” (pp.117-8)

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