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2005-2006 national debate on nuclear
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According to its corporate plan, the British Nuclear Energy Society aims "to be the leading 'Learned Society' for Nuclear Energy, in its totality, and to lead and facilitate a clearer understanding of the subject" [1]

It advocates starting to construct new nuclear power stations in the UK. They argue that they "cannot see a future that is acceptable to this country's energy needs, that does not include an immediate and ongoing commitment from current and future governments, to a continuing nuclear generating capability." [2]

The BNES wants the government to "influence and inform the public so that there is a clear understanding of the benefits of nuclear energy as a safe, sustainable, economic, reliable and environmentally acceptable contributor to the needs of this country, for the centuries ahead." [3]

The Organization

The British Nuclear Energy Society (BNES) calls itself the "leading learned body for all persons interested in nuclear energy". In reality it is a Westminster-based lobby group set up to promote nuclear power. The organization has close links to nuclear companies including BNFL and British Energy and Supporters of Nuclear Energy gives its contact details C/O its address. [4]

On December 5, 2004, The Independent on Sunday reports:

The Energy minister, Mike O'Brien, says the Government is not partisan about nuclear energy. After the Nuclear Industry Association/British Nuclear Energy Society annual conference on Thursday, he said the market, not the Government, must decide whether we need more generation capacity, and what kind. [5]

The Young Generation Network (YGN)

BNES is part of the YGN - an international network of young engineers and scientists established by the European Nuclear Society.

The current chair is Neil Crewdson British Nuclear Group, and Vice Chairs are Christian Guitto Aker Kvaerner and Linda McLean British Nuclear Group. [6]

The Trustees

  • Mr J Earp - President & Chairman
  • Mr. T. Aves - Ex-officio, Chairman Western Branch
  • Mrs C.M.Collings - Elected & past-Chairman of YGN
  • Mr I Currie - Elected
  • Mr. M.J. Grave - Vice-President
  • Professor J.E. Harris - Institute of Materials
  • Mr. C. Hodge - Institute of Marine Engineers
  • Dr Sue Ion - Ex-officio, Immediate Past President
  • Mr G.E.C.Jenkins - Elected
  • Mr J Jones - Chairman of the Events Committee
  • Dr. E.A. Little - Institute of Materials
  • Mr. M.G. Lyons - Elected
  • Dr Roy Manning - Chairman Central England Branch
  • Mr K Meyer - Chairman of Cumbria Branch
  • Dr. M Pick - Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Mr. A.E. Sheil - Ex-officio, Chairman North West Branch
  • Professor P.J. Thomas - Institute of Measurement & Control
  • Dr D.R.Weaver - Elected
  • Mr A Worrell - Elected
  • Mr. M Askew - Secretary [7]

Spinning Pro-Nuke Universities

In July 2005, BNES was given £10,000 by BNFL towards its newly established "Education and Training Fund". The Society was seeking money for this "important subject particularly with what I am sure will be the renaissance of new build", acccording to Ian Andrews, the Secretary of BNES. [8]

The money came with slight strings attached from BNFL. According to Pauline Deans, Community Affairs from BNFL, "due to our significant presence in the North West and Cumbria in particular, we would wish to see a fair proportion of the beneficiaries from these areas." [9]

Because of BNFL's "most generous" donation, the money "will enable the Society to pursue one of its important aims, namely education and training. We are hoping to establish prizes at those Universities which offer a nuclear sicence course, and this coming summer the Society is sponsoring two graduates to attend the World Nuclear University's Summer School at Idaho Falls". [10]

Spinning Pro-Nuclear Schools

BNES and the Institute of Nuclear Engineers offer a school sponsorship scheme. In 2005 the schools selected to take part in the project where they receive £500 were:

  • Bury Grammer School (girls);
  • Carr Hill High School, Kirkham;
  • Culcheth High School;
  • Great Sankey High School, Warrington;
  • Knutsford High School;
  • Rivington and Blacrod High School, Horwich;
  • St. John Almond Catholic High School, Liverpool

Contact information

1 Great George Street,
London, SW1P 3AA.
Tel: 020 7665 2241
Fax: 020 7799 1325

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