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This article is part of the Center for Media & Democracy's spotlight on front groups and corporate spin.

Britt Weygandt is an energy lobbyist working for a lobby firm with offices in Colorado and Washington, DC called Policy Communications Inc. At the same time Weygandt is also the Executive Director of a energy industry astroturf organization called the Western Business Roundtable.

Weygandt is listed as a Vice President at Policy Communications Inc.

Weygandt and the Western Business Roundtable

Weygandt is listed as the Executive Director of a pro-energy industry organization called the Western Business Roundtable. In November, 2008 a memo was sent out to members of the Western Business Roundtable by Weygandt that aimed to undermine the Western Climate Initiative.

The Western Business Roundtable and Policy Communications share the same Colorado and Washington, DC addresses.

Since 2006, Weygandt and the other staff at Policy Communications Inc., have claimed $470,000 in lobbying fees on behalf of their work for the Western Business Roundtable.

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