Business Council for Sustainable Development

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The U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development is a partner organization of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Their mission is worded as follows:

  • Creating value through
    • Initiatives that foster sustainable development
    • Networks and partnerships
    • Forums that provide a voice for business
  • Approaching sustainable development through
    • Tangible sustainable development projects
    • Networks and partnerships across industry, non-government organizations, academia, and government
    • Domestic voice for business on sustainable development issues

Their web page defines susainable development as:

  • Protecting both the industries and the ecosystems that comprise the sources of their materials and markets
  • Yielding the benefits of working toward zero-waste
  • Enahancing understanding of enviromental costs
  • Encouraging long-term rather tha[n] short-term objectives

The members of USBCSD are:


United States Business Council for Sustainable Development
4425 South Mopac, Bldg. II, Suite 202
Austin, Texas 78735
  • phone #:(512)892-6411