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CAG Internacional S.A. (aka Groupe de Consultation et Conseillers) is a private military corporation headquartered in Panama. It describes itself as

" international business corporation first established in 1997 privately owned and closely held by American expatriates retired from the United States Army. Originally conceived as small consulting firm where the skills developed from many years of military service could be translated into the private sector, CAG has grown into a diverse business enterprise that is active on multiple continents in three primary service groups: management consulting, aviation development and aquatic service. Today CAG is staffed by the finest independent contractors from the CIA, FBI, US and Foreign Military Services, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, Justice and Commerce. CAG has access to a global network of influence throughout Central & South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East providing creative solutions for the complex problems of business in developing regions and conflict zones on land, sea and air."

Cramer vs CAG

New York based blogger Kathryn Cramer has investigated CAG's operations in Haiti in depth. She alleges that CAG was:[1]

  • "placing spies disguised as journalists in the audience of Haitian presidential debates"
  • and "...arranging for the detention of people who wrote to me to ask for information about CAG and complain about CAG's involvement in human rights violations in Haiti."

According to a letter by Wolfgang Weisbrod-Weber of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), published on Cramer's blog in July 2006,[2]

"...MINUSTAH has undertaken an in-depth investigation into this incident, which has uncovered that CAG has no legal existence neither in Haiti, nor in Panama, and that the company details referred to on its web site are false. While the investigation found that the document posted on the CAG web site was a restricted MINUSTAH document, it concluded that CAG probably had not intention to harm MINUSTAH but simply tried to pretend that it had been contracted by the Mission."

April 2006: CAG recruits for work in Somalia

In April 2006, this posting appeared on a forum on, a website for PMC employees:[3]

"I got this from website. This is all I know. CAG International needs trainers for deployment to Somalia. They are seeking eight (Cool PSD and Force Protection Trainers with Tier 2 backgrounds and experience with local national guard forces. Deployment May 1st.
"Trainers must be able to write their own lesson plan within 48 hours on the ground based on self-assessment of local need and capabilities. Lesson plan becomes CAG work product and their property. Trainers will elect one man from the training team to be the Team Leader.
"27 day total deployment - 20 days in Somalia with 18 training days. Business class transportation. In Somalia the housing is rough and you'll be living with Somali students in "bunk house". All food and lodging provided. All gear provided but you'll have to work with whatever the Somali guard force has and make it do. Trainers will wear CAG baseball caps and Polos. 1000 per day x 27 days plus 3000 completion bonus = 30K total. 3K up front and balance when you get on the plane to return home. Send resume via contact link on the website."

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