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CAUSA is the Unification Church's political arm. CAUSA's first executive director was Warren Richardson, formerly general counsel to the Liberty Lobby. "Moonie connections with the U.S. right and the Reagan administration are extensive. For example, retired Major General Daniel Graham, a member of CAUSA USA's advisory board, heads the Star Wars lobby group, High Frontier. F. Lynn Bouchey, president of the Council for Inter-American Security and member of the Committee of Santa Fe, helped organize two CAUSA conferences. Washington Times editor Arnaud de Borchgrave serves on Ray Cline's U.S. Global Strategy Council, a Reagan advisory group. The Strategy Council's executive director is retired General E. David Woellner, president of CAUSA World Services. Washington Times columnists include Ray Cline's son-in-law Roger Fontaine, a Commitee of Santa Fe member and former Reagan Latin America adviser, and Jeremiah O'Leary, formerly special assistant to National Security Adviser William Clark]]." [1]

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  1. Holly Sklar, Washington's War on Nicaragua (South End Press, 1988), p.80.

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