Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society

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The Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society was said to be created for NATO as an international air quality organisation -- perhaps an umbrella coordinator. However it doesn't not appear to be run by the tobacco industry.

Documents & Timeline

1969 The CCMS was created ??? for NATO according to E Bruce Harrison PR.

1994 Claim by E Bruce Harrison: "TIEQ has been successful in offering recommendations to HR 2919 The Indoor Air Act of 1994, that have dramatically improved the bill (from the tobacco industry perspective) from its original version. We continue to work with the Subcommittee on Health and the Environment, as well as with members of Congress, to add amendment that would be more practical and efficient for industry."

See long list of claimed accomplishments for the tobacco industry

E. Bruce Harrison are recommending to RJ Reynolds that they fund the extension of the TIEQ into Europe. They seem to also have control of the CCMS (Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society) which they claim is an international Air Quality organisation which was created in 1969 for NATO. It is running two meetings a year in various countries. However the CCMS is concerned with 'source control' of indoor air pollution (the cause, rather than the solution) which is against tobacco interests. They recommend smoking bans, or separately ventilated smoking rooms.

Also EBH has met with Scientists Institute for Public Information (SIPI) re a media project on ETS with journalist. SIPI is a New York-based non profit to bring scientist and journalists together in a variety of forums. [2]