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This Brown & Williamson marketing research and strategy document states, "KOOL should actively position itself toward the only growth in the smoking population -- females." (Page 2). It says, "As a percent of total starters and switchers-in for the industry, females show active growth, 1979-1982." (Page 3). The document suggests (on page 20) using ad copy "with subtle (classy) sexual undercurrents" to address the female smoker segment. It uses terms like "young adult male starter pool" and "starter inflow," to refer to new young smokers. It says, "KOOL ("cool")/music association may continually reinforce our Black downscale image, e.g. all KOOL music is black music," and (on Pg. 21) and recommends "that we introduce KOOL Ten's in Black, low income and other value conscious neighborhoods and possibly college towns...Blacks..while not attracted to generics (on judgment, because they lack status, image and personality cues) ... probably would be attracted to lower price transaction of a recognized and acceptable brand name." It laments on page 39 that "KOOL does not have its fair share of starters...KOOL has the lowest starter rate in the competitive menthol set," and says (on page 34) that "The split of gains from starters...has traditionally shown KOOL to be highly dependent on starters for inflow source."

The document mentions "Rolling Stone" and "National Lampoon."

Overall, the document shows B&W strategizing to target cigarette advertising at low income African Americans, and young male and female "starters" as a way to sustain the brand sales into the future.

Title No Title (untitled)
Date 19820000
Type Marketing report, chart, graphic
Bates 676060298/0387
Collection Brown & Williamson
Pages 90

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