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COSCO, the China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company, is a Chinese government-owned shipping company.

On ints website, the company states that "COSCO owns or operates a fleet of more than 800 modern merchant vessels with a total capacity of over 50 million DWT and an annual shipping volume of over 400 million tons, covering over 1,500 ports in 160 countries and territories across the globe, ranking China's first and world's second in general. In specific, the containers fleet ranks No.1 in China and No.6 in the world; the dry bulk fleet ranks the top in the world; The general cargo and specialized fleet such as heavylifts is among the top ones in the world; the oil tanker fleet boasts some 300,000-dwt VLCCs and ranks the first in China."[1]

Shipping accidents

On April 3 2010, a bulk carrier, the Shen Neng 1, was transporting approximately 65,000 tonnes of coal from Gladstone, Australia to China when it ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef. [2] See Shen Neng 1 coal carrier collision with the Great Barrier Reef, Australia for more details.

Contact details

Ocean Plaza,
158 Fuxingmennei Street
Beijing 100031, China
Fax: 0086-10-66492288

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