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In May 2005, the CSIRO published a book called the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet which advocates a high meat and dairy intake diet as a way to lose weight. The book has attracted controversy, as it is based on research funded by Meat and Livestock Australia and by Dairy Australia, lobby groups for the meat and dairy industries. [1]

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, nutritionists Rosemary Stanton and Gyorgy Scrinis note that "The CSIRO's research was partly funded by the Meat and Livestock Industry and Dairy Australia. So it is no surprise the sponsors' products figure so highly in the recommended meals and weekly meal plans: beef, lamb and dairy products.

"The CSIRO's endorsement of a high-meat diet is perhaps an indication of the extent to which our scientists have taken on the role of consultants to industry in their bid to raise funds, and their willingness to deliver research findings that industry finds agreeable." [2]

The Book

  • US: The Total Wellbeing Diet, NAL Trade Paperback (May 2, 2006) ISBN 0451219228

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