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California Environmental Associates (CEA) is a consultancy company that states on its website that it "has provided businesses and public institutions with a range of environmental management, regulatory compliance, and sustainable business solutions. CEA aims to transform markets, business practices, and policy to create economic incentives that will yield positive environmental outcomes."[1]


On its website, CEA lists its services as being assisting foundations with the design and evaluation of programs, helping to "develop, promote, and negotiate regulatory implementation and compliance strategies" for clients and designing "innovative and effective market-based initiatives that achieve environmental benefit".[1]

CEA also offer clients PR services in building coalitions comprising "our client, representatives from other supporting industries, and citizen groups" that then "works with regulators to encourage and implement solutions that meet both client objectives and regulatory requirements." Where a client faces "an environmental challenge in which public support is crucial" CEA states that it "designs awareness and educational campaigns that clarify our client's strategic goals and inform the public of the issues involved."[1]

CEA, Philanthropic Foundations and Global Warming

In 2007 CEA was hired by six foundations to research and write Design to Win: Philanthropy's Role in the Fight Against Global Warming, a report which examines the potential role of philanthropy in the fight against global warming. It was aimed at creating a framework to guide future foundation investment to fight global warming.[2]


On its website CEA lists a "representative list of our clients" comprising[3]:

Contact Details

California Environmental Associates
423 Washington Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 421-4213
Fax: (415) 982-7989



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