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The Canadian Tobacco Manufacturer's Council (CTMC) is a trade and lobbying group for cigarette companies in Canada similar to the Tobacco Institute in the U.S. (The Tobacco Institute was disbanded as a term of the 1998 American Master Settlement Agreement). CTMC's membership is made up of four major Canadian cigarette manufacturers: Imperial Tobacco Canada (a subsidiary of British American Tobacco), Rothmans Tobacco, Benson and Hedges, Inc., and Japan Tobacco Inc.-Macdonald. CTMC fights anti-smoking legislation in Canada.

Strategies and Programs

CTMC supports and funds a youth smoking prevention program called Operation I.D. that aims to eliminate underage tobacco access.

CTMC also funds a group called the Fair Air Association, that promotes ventilation rather than the institution of public smoking restrictions as a means of solving indoor problems with secondhand tobacco smoke, a standard tobacco industry tactic.

The Canadian Tobacco Manufacturer's Council also financially supports an online smokers rights group called that opposes smoking restrictions. [1]

In 1978, CTMC's official position was that smoking did not cause disease. [2]

When pressured by public attention to the issue of youth smoking, CTMC adopted voluntary measures regarding marketing to youth to stave off further regulation of the tobacco industry in Canada.[3]


Catheryn Doyle
Imperial Tobacco Canada
(514) 932-6161 Ext. 2113

Karen Bodirsky
Rothmans, Benson & Hedges, Inc.
(416) 442-3660
Cell (416) 671-7579

David McCullagh
JTI-Macdonald Corp.
(905) 804-7345


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