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Carlos Malamud (Spain) "is regular Professor of History of the Americas at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia and Director of the Latin American Department at the Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset, where he also heads the Latin American Security and Defense Observatory (OSAL). He has been visiting researcher at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and the Instituto Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires and Spanish Senior Visiting Fellow at Saint Antony’s College, Oxford University.

"After completing his History studies at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, he graduated from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where he also received his cum laude PhD and was awarded the outstanding PhD Prize. At first, his research was focused on the colonial economic History during Peru’s viceroyalty (XVIII c) –the theme of his book Cádiz y Saint Malo en el comercio colonial peruano (1698-1725).

"Then, he specialized in Latin American political History with an emphasis on Argentina, especially as regards political parties, elections and electoral reforms. Among his books, we can mention: Juan Manuel de Rosas, América Latina. Siglo XX. La búsqueda de la democracia y Partidos políticos y elecciones en la Argentina: la Liga del Sur (1908-1916), and along with Elizabeth Joyce, he published Latin America and the Multinational Drug Trade. He is the author of countless articles published in several journals. He is member of the Editorial Board of the EIAL (Interdisciplinary Studies of Latin America and the Caribbean) and of Tiempos de América. He is the editor of the Latin American section of the Revista de Libros and is regular columnist of dailies Expansión, Diario 16 and El Correo (Bilbao) and of Radio Exterior de España. He chaired the LASA (Latin American Studies Association) Europe and Latin America Section (1997-2000)." [1]