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Carr Hagerman has been a street actor performing at various festivals around Minnesota and Colorado and surrounding areas for 28+ years. Most known as "The Rat Catcher" a vile and offensive personality that greets all upon entrance to the festival. Taken from a MRF Friends site where Carr had posted.

"Started festival in 1974 as a member of the Tree Top Theater Players, a storytheater group from Hopkins High. I became friends with Penn & Teller and changed from stage to street as the Ratcatcher in 1975. In 1979 I became the entertainment director of the Colorado Renaissance Festival, and then toured with as the Ratcather to festivals all around the country. 2000 is my 27th year!"

As well, he is a public speaker basing his philosophy on his past experiences and the FISH! program based on the Seattle Fish Market. (Carr did NOT write this book, but merely provided the voice for the audio recording of the book)

He is a speaker for ChartHouse Learning, whose website states "From car dealerships and roofing companies to health care, financial services and other industries worldwide, ChartHouse Learning has been providing practical tools to improve the lives of people and organizations for more than 30 years. ChartHouse provides a wide range of video learning programs, books and experiential gear. The company also hosts live events and engages daily with customers via phone and Internet – including a singing “idea agent” who makes up original songs and tells stories for call-in customers! Chief among these powerful tools of transformation are FISH!, the best-selling film and book about Seattle’s World Famous Pike Place Fish Market, and the new 2002 FISH! Tales: Real-Life Stories to Help Transform Your Workplace and Your Life."

There is also a full story on Carr from the City Pages back in 1999 here.

Also listed were in his past dealings were 'business ventures' all of which remain unknown, as well as any past film Production Credits or connection to Michael Wilson.

Fish! Tales


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