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Cathy Lynn Ellis, Ph.D. was Senior Vice President of Research & Development at Philip Morris, USA in 1996.[1] She was Vice President of Philip Morris Worldwide Scientific Affairs circa 1998.[2] She also served as Director of Research at Philip Morris U.S.A. in 1994[citation needed]. In 1997 she was Senior Vice President of Research & Development at Philip Morris [3]. She was a protoge of Thomas Stefan Osdene.

She was a pharmacologist, and one of the key scientific confounder executives at Philip Morris and involved in many of their scams, along with Richard Carchman (who left employment and contracted back as a 'consultant'). The two of them jointly became the operational heads of the Worldwide Scientific Affairs (WSA) division of PM following the February 1995 restructuring of the company by CEO Geoffrey C Bible.

Cathy Ellis is more correctly known as Catherine Lynn Kresan Ellis, who's later married name was Hunter. After leaving Philip Morris she set up a PR marketing and market research organisation in New York, Catherine Hunter International.

Official Career Outline

She was much more closely aligned with many of the Philip Morris scientific scams than this list would suggest. Normally PM maintained separation between the science behind manufacturing R&D, and the scientific misinformation projects run by PM Science & Technology. However, Ellis and her associate Richard Carchman crossed these lines repeatedly.

  • 1980 Dec to 1983 Apr 30: Research Scientist, R&D, Philip Morris Inc. (Pharmacologist). She actually joined the Richmond R&D team in March 1981 under Tom Osdene
  • 1983 May 5 to 1985 Aug 31: Project Leader, R&D, Philip Morris Inc. As Project Leader in the Richmond laboratories, she directing studies on flavours and additives.
  • 1985 Sep 1 to 1987 July: Technical Coordinator, Biochemical Research Division, Philip Morris
  • 1986 Jan 1: Associate Senior Scientist, Biochemical Research Division, Philip Morris.
  • 1988: Section Leader, Biochemical Research Division, Philip Morris Inc. She was working under Director of Research, Jim Charles (and Tom Osdene) at Richmond who was also providing criticism of the documents used by Surgeon General Koop in his attack on tobacco.
  • 1988 Apr 1 to 1991 Feb 27: Manager, Biochemical Research Division, Philip Morris.
  • 1991 Feb 1 to 1993 Aug 31 : Director, Applied Research, Philip Morris Inc.
  • 1993 Sep 1 to 1995 Nov 30: Director, Research, Philip Morris Inc.
  • 1995 Feb Co-head of the Worldwide Scientific Affairs (WSA) division with Richard Carchman
  • 1995 Nov 1 to 1996 June 30 : Vice President, Product Development, Philip Morris Inc.
  • 1996 Jul 1 to 1997 Dec 31 : Vice President, Research & Development, Philip Morris Inc.
  • 1998 Jan 1 to 2001 Aug 5: Senior Vice President, Worldwide Scientific Affairs, Philip Morris Inc./Philip Morris USA Inc., based at Richmond
[Note: This last date is probably misleading since she was paid off in August 1999 after signing a six-page "Separation Statement" which prohibited her from discussing any of her activities. This six-page document is restricted, but three pages were circulated together with an explanatory letter.

1999 Aug Ellis's separation statement - but only 3 pages of 6 pages were sent.[1] [2] Note that all other related documents from the lawyer McNasby are restricted.


She was selected for her discretion and ability to follow orders by Tom Osdene. No longer with the Philip Morris. Will testify in certain situations. Perjured herself in Henley.[citation needed]


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