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CauseCommunications is a small progressive public relations firm that was founded in 1997 and is based in Denver, Colorado. Their website states: [1]

We believe that if progressive activists communicted more effectively, they would win more. It's that simple. Despite all the forces lined up against us, we have the tools to communicate our core values and messages and make more progress at making the world a better place.

Services offered include media stunts, pitching reporters, media training, creative advertising, viral marketing, guerrilla marketing, designing websites and publications. [2]


From their website: [3]

  • 34 Million Friends of the United Nations Population Fund, Boulder
  • Annie E. Casey Foundation, Baltimore
  • Bulldog Reporter/Media Relations 2004 Conference, Emeryville, CA
  • Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, New York
  • Change the Climate, Medfield, MA
  • Colorado Association of Nonprofit Organizations, Denver
  • Computer TakeBack Campaign, San Jose
  • Honor the Earth, Minneapolis
  • Pew Partnership, Charlottesville
  • Richard Male and Associates, Denver
  • Southern Partners Fund, Atlanta
  • The Progressive Magazine, Madison
  • Telluride Mushroom Festival, Denver
  • University of Rhode Island, Kingston
  • Volunteers of America, Alexandria


From their website: [4]

Contact Information

1836 Blake St. #100A
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: 303.292.1524

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