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Celanese Fibers Co. (Analyzed the vapor phase constituents): Analyzed the vapor phase constituents of Fact in comparison with the other brands.


In November 1977, Brown & Williamson contracted with Celanese Fibers Co. to analyze the vapor phase constituents of its new FACT brand cigarettes in comparison with the following competing brands: L&M Flavor Lights (Liggett), Real Menthol (R.J. Reynolds), Merit (Philip Morris), and Kent Golden Lights (Lorillard).

The Celanese report, dated January 1978, includes analyses of 54 different vapor phase constituents for the five different brands. The results for acetaldehyde, acrolein, nitrogen oxide, and cyanide are highlighted with handwritten remarks in the results table. The FACT brand had lower values in the competition for acetaldehyde and for cyanide, but it ranked second highest for nitrogen oxide. Acrolein was not measured for FACT.

The documents do not indicate what use was to be made of these data. Perhaps they were simply an internal check to see whether the competition had introduced filter that had effects similar to those found for FACT cigarettes; perhaps they were obtained to justify possible advertising claims of selective filtration.[[[Brown & Williamson]] 1130.1](The Cigarette Papers, pg. 154)

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