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The Center for Contemporary Black History, (CCBH) "founded and directed by Manning Marable, was initiated in July 2002, at Columbia University. The Center's mission is to engage in the critical study of the modern Black experience since 1900, through a wide range of methods and approaches. The central focus of this inquiry is the examination of Black intellectuals, leadership, and the relationship between racism, inequality, and power in modern societies." [1]

"CCBH currently houses three initiatives: (1) the Malcolm X Project, which is currently developing a Multimedia Study Environment version of The Autobiography of Malcolm X; (2) the Africana Criminal Justice Project, examining crime and justice in black intellectual and social history, and addressing the impact of mass incarceration on black civic capacity and participation; and (3) Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture and Society, published quarterly with Taylor and Francis Publishers." [2]





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