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The Center for Health and Human Toxicology (CEHHT) was established at Georgetown University by Sorell Schwartz and Nancy Balter a an umbrella organisation for the Indoor Air Pollution Advisory Group (IAPAG) which worked specifically for the tobacco industry. IAPAG had been funded and founded under the control of tobacco lawyers John Rupp and Edward Dunkleburger. both of Covington & Burling (C&B) who worked directly for both Philip Morris Corporate Affairs and the Tobacco Institute.

It appears that the CEHHT was designed to escape the contracted control that C&B exerted on behalf of the tobacco industry via IAPAG. By creating this umbrella organisation, it to allowed the academics at Georgetown University to extend their highly profitable side-line in consultancies and design-your-own witness services out to encompass the needs of other industries which also had poisoning and polluting problems.

The CEHHT also housed (nominally) the Scientific Witness Team (SWT) (also run by C&B for the Tonbacco Institute). This smaller group (four then five) provided fire-fighting quick response when problems in public perception arose, and theywere also available to be paraded as 'independent expert' on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) for media interviews, local ordinance and legislative inquires, and for one-on-one interviews with politicians and editors, in Regional centers around the country. This last operation was provided with a CEHHT front by two Georgetown Uni staffers, Jan Cook and Dee Herndon.