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The Center for Partnership Studies (CPS) "is a 501c(3) nonprofit for public benefit corporation that conducts research and develops and disseminates education on the partnership model. It provides information and tools to promote the shift from domination to partnership in all aspects of society – from families and education to economics and politics. CPS is a member of the NGO (nongovernmental organization) section of the United Nations and supports the UN Millennial Goals." [1]

Founded by Riane Eisler and David Loye.

Board of Directors

Accessed October 2007: [2]

  • Riane Eisler, President
  • David Loye, Vice President
  • Bill Levis, Treasurer & CFO
  • Alexandra Loeb. Former corporate vice president at Microsoft Corporation, Alexandra is on the board of Conservation Northwest and Climate Solutions, as well as an investor in Clean Energy technologies.
  • Howard Lazar. Former Chair, LVI, Inc., a construction company listed on the NY Stock exchange, Howard is a real estate developer.
  • Joe Rando. Developer and owner of software business and shopping centers; Joe is a well-known business and civic leader.
  • Licia Rando. Educator, artist, and civic leader.
  • Heide Banks. Psychotherapist, lecturer, author, radio and TV show host on partnership relations; CPS representative to the DPI-NGO of the United Nations.
  • Michael-Henry Honack. Business entrepreneur, artist, and civic leader.
  • Gwendolyn Grace. Composer, civic leader, and philanthropist.

Advisory Council

Accessed October 2007: [3]

  • Members include Professor Nel Noddings of Stanford University and Professor M.G. Cline, advisor to National Head Start Research since 1965; Marie Wilson, former president of the Ms. Foundation and Raffi, internationally known children’s songs composer and performer and advocate for a child-honoring society.

Leadership of CPS's Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence

Accessed October 2007: [4]

  • Jim Kenney, Project Director. Former Global Director of the Parliament of the World’s Religions; founder and Executive Director of the Interreligious Engagement Project (IEP21); Trustee, International Interreligious Peace Council; Trustee, International Interfaith Centre, Oxford UK; Co-Editor, Interreligious Insight.
  • Elaine Walters, Operations Coordinator. Feminist activist and community organizer for domestic violence and child abuse prevention. Director, Family Allies Network, Lane County, Oregon, USA.

SAIV Council

SAIV Advisory Group

The Darwin Project Leadership

Accessed October 2007: [5]

Darwin Project Council


The Center for Partnership Studies
P.O. Box 51936
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Phone 831-626-1004
Fax 831-626-3734
Email: center AT

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