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The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a Washington, D.C. think tank. It was founded in 1962, by Admiral Arleigh Burke and David Abshire, "at the height of the Cold War, dedicated to the simple but urgent goal of finding ways for America to survive as a nation and prosper as a people." [1] Today, "CSIS experts conduct research and analysis and develop policy initiatives" on issues related to U.S. defense policy and international security; "global challenges" such as "population, energy security, global health, technology, and the international financial and economic system"; and regional studies. [2]

Ties to Peter G. Peterson

Sam Nunn and Donald B. Marron both have known ties to Peter G. Peterson. Both are members of the Concord Coalition, a non-profit co-founded by Peterson.[3]

Global Water Futures

In 2004, CSIS's Global Strategy Institute launched its "Global Water Futures" project, to study how to examine how the interrelated issues of water scarcity, inaccessibility, disease, population growth and global climate change "affect economic growth, human development, and peace and stability." The project initially worked with Sandia National Laboratories, to determine how U.S. policy should address international water issues and how to better deploy water technologies. The project's second phase is developing "policy recommendations for the creation of a comprehensive, integrated U.S. government approach to international water issues," according to the CSIS website. [4]

For more information, see the SourceWatch article on Global Water Futures.

On Iraq

In November 2003, a CSIS released a report on Iraq authored by Dr. Anthony Cordesman. It was "based on briefings by Paul Bremer, the US de facto governor of Iraq; military commanders, unnamed intelligence officers and David Kay, the American who leads the hunt for Saddam's alleged weapons of mass destruction," reported The Independent. The CSIS report predicted that "attacks on Americans by Sunni Iraqis will continue 'until the day the US leaves.'" The report, titled "Iraq: Too Uncertain To Call," also faulted the George W. Bush administration's purported promoting of "democracy" in Iraq, saying: "It is largely advocating undefined slogans, not practical and balanced specifics." [5]


Originally CSIS sprung out from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, and many of principals were also faculty members at the university. For some time CSIS had an office on the Georgetown campus. Several of the principals were "Cold Warriors" and made a little industry out of finding "communist influence" around the world. During the war against Nicaragua, CSIS produced several documents "proving" a communist plot, etc. For many years, CSIS was also seen as a think tank where right-wing "officials-in-waiting" could wait until their next appointment in government.[citation needed]


Corporate officers

As of May 2009: [6]

Program directors, chairs and senior advisers

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Defense and Security Policy

Global Trends


Global Strategy Institute

  • Erik R. Peterson, Senior Vice President, Schreyer Chair in Global Analysis and Director, Global Strategy Institute

Abshire-Inamori Leadership Academy

The Washington Quarterly

Hills Program on Governance

Board of trustees and counselors

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Center for Strategic and International Studies
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