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The Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS) is a now-defunct Australian think tank established at Monash University in 1979. "Established under the auspices of Monash University in 1979 by economist Professor Michael Porter, the Centre for Policy Studies was a university-based radical neo-liberal think tank. The Fraser government awarded CoPS a Research Centre of Excellence grant for $2.6 million which enabled it not only to construct elaborate econometric computer modelling for testing neo-liberal proposals, but also to bring to Australia a number of American radical neo-liberals as well as those involved in implementing radical neo-liberal agendas overseas." (Cahill, 2004: 118-119)

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  • Damien C. Cahill, "The radical neo-liberal movement as a hegemonic force in Australia, 1976-1996", University of Wollongong, PhD Thesis, 2004. (Available online from all Australian Universities)