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Century Strategies LLC was founded in 1997 by Ralph Reed and Timothy R. Phillips. The company describes itself as "one of the nation's leading political and corporate consulting firms. Century Strategies has provided consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations, members of the United States House and Senate leadership, numerous Governors, and the campaign of President George Walker Bush ... Century provides strategic consulting and long-range planning for numerous corporate clients as well as political campaign management consulting to candidates in every region of the country.... Century Strategies is a full-service firm providing Strategic Business Development Assistance, Organizational Development, Direct Mail and Voter Contact Services, Fundraising Management, Research and Analyisis, Creative Media Planning, Public and Media Relations, and List Management and Procurement."[1] [2]

According to a July 2004 profile in The National Journal, Century Strategies "has raked in millions of dollars by mounting grassroots lobbying drives and other campaigns -- as well as doing some inside-the-Beltway advocacy -- for two dozen or so Fortune 100 companies and lesser-known enterprises."[3]

In 2003, the Georgia-based firm opened a Washington DC office. Century Strategies "is poised to earn handsome fees from the [Bush-Cheney '04] re-election campaign and from the Republican National Committee as a key vendor for voter contact and mobilization. ... Reed's firm received a total of $4.3 million from the RNC and the Bush campaign in 2000 for doing voter calls and direct mail."[citation needed]

Again according to The National Journal, when Reed formed Century Strategies, he "decided to focus on political and business consulting, an arena in which he could apply his legendary talents for mobilizing grassroots drives, often with religious and other conservatives, to assist political campaigns and business interests. Early on, Reed discovered the potential for synergy between the business and political worlds. For instance, one of his first and highest-profile consulting jobs was for Enron, a client that he garnered in 1997, reportedly through his connections to Karl Rove, who later made Reed a consultant in the 2000 presidential campaign. Century Strategies earned more than $300,000 from Enron for mounting grassroots lobbying campaigns to help build backing for energy deregulation."[citation needed] Other clients have included the school-focused media company Channel One, Verizon and casino interests working with Reed friend Jack Abramoff in an effort to block Native American tribes from opening new, competing casinos.[citation needed]

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