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Chad Groening, a reporter for the American Family Association's American Family Radio, is a regular contributor to AgapePress. [1]


According to his American Family Radio News profile, Groening said "I came to AFR News after spending more than 20 years in the secular media. I became frustrated with the liberal bias which even permeates smaller market stations. Working for AFR News has given me the opportunity to tell the unfettered truth, without having to worry about some liberal producer or news executive filtering the story. Most importantly, working at AFR News gives me the opportunity to serve Jesus Christ.

"I come from a military background (My father was in an Air Force fighter pilot who served this country in two wars.) I have a commission in the Army Reserve. My military background is a major reason why I am responsible for keeping up with national defense issues for AFR News. My other area of concentration is politics. I dig for the Christian family perspective from news makers in Washington.

"In my free time I love to follow my favorite baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, and help my lovely wife, Christa, with her garden. We are members of Harrisburg Baptist Church here in Tupelo."

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