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Charities Aid Foundation

"In 1924, The National Council of Social Service (now the National Council for Voluntary Organisations or NCVO) set up a Charities Department to encourage more efficient giving to charity.

"The Great War had only finished six years previously, and while great social change was afoot, the welfare state was still in its infancy, and charity was the only safety net available to many of the most vulnerable in society.

"In 1958 – the year of the first transatlantic passenger flights – we started to administer Deeds of Covenant – the first ever means of charities receiving untaxed donations.

"The following year, the Charities Department was named the Charities Aid Fund, and it achieved great success in assisting in the distribution of large sums of money for charitable purposes." [1]


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Trustees (2010)

Accessed January 2010: [3]



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